Arrival of Frustration

This morning after breakfast we called the John Deere reseller in Accra just to find out that he actually only sells parts of Perkins. But he said he will call some other seller overseas to find out, if he can get the parts we need for the generator.

After we found out that we will probably not be able to repair the generator this week, we took some time of new orientation, to find out what we will do this week. So we started off to take a look at the newly build maternity. We checked the fuse box and discussed the differences of wiring between Germany and Ghana. Also we measured the diameter of the wires which go to the fuses.

We were able to find three wires with too small diameters and handed this information to the hospital electrician. Because there was a blackout almost all day long and the main electrician was not in the hospital today we had to reschedule the problem finding of the generators till tomorrow. So we finished our work just in time for some freshly fried french fries.