Arrival of unexpected efforts

This morning something was different. In the bathroom there was a slight breeze of disinfectant in the air. Right after breakfast we became an invoice of the John Deere dealer in Accra. He could supply most of the parts, but the price would be so enormous that we were not sure if it would be economical to fix the old engine instead of just getting a new one instead.

With one person left behind in the house we started our work today. We went to the maternity and checked the connection between the sockets and the fuse box and which size of fuse is connected. Also we checked out the ceiling of the two surgery rooms where the team which comes in November wanted to install surgical lamps at the ceiling. After a refreshing break at lunchtime and some really curious little children in front of our veranda we defeated ourselves and got back to work.

We installed new sockets in our kitchen which made our water kettle work again properly. We tightened the belts of the generators and took another look at the maternity. After quite an exhausting day we finished work and enjoyed the plain white rice with some beef at the side very much.