MakerSpace Container

About the Project

The implementation of sustainable spaces for education purposes can contribute for the purpose of low cost technology development and the extension of the sustainable concept in Brazilian building. In this context, TWB has the goal of the implementation of a sustainable container in the Federal University of the state of Santa Catarina, in the city of Araranguá, for the development of educational activities, research, extension and administration purposes. Goals: Create a space for the development of enriching activities for the community, such as; Workshops, studies and creation of new projects; Application of techniques related to sustainable edifications simulated by students; Head office of TWB Brazil and the exposition of works already developed; Warehouse for tools and equipment used in our works.



Project Leader

Akio Ishiguro

Regional Groups

  • Araranguá

Project members

Dr. Prof. Elise Sommer
Dr. Prof. Kátia Madruga
Matheus Akio S. Ishiguro
Heitor Zerbetto B. Marçal
Matheus Dal Prá
Ioly Machado Vieira
Rodrigo Minatto Cherubini
Gabriela Mendes da Silva

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November 2017 - now

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