A photovoltaic system to an orphanage and school in Cap Haitien, Haiti

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After 3 years of preparation we could implement our PV System in the Institute. We could finish our work in only 2 weeks in Cap Haitian. We had great help of our haitian workers. Now they have power and water 24/7. Everybody is very happy and we are very proud that we could help. We all say thank you for your support.

Solar Energy for an orphanage and school in Haiti
The Cologne regional group of the NGO „Technik ohneGrenzen e.V (Technicians without borders) plans to provide a photovoltaic system to the charitable facility “Notre Dame de la Medaille Miraculeuse”. It is an orphanage for 80 children and a school to 500. 

Current situation: 
Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. Daily life is determined by political instability, hunger and crime. Schools are subject to charges and many parents are not able to afford this. Many live on less than a Euro a day and even teachers only earn around 35 Euros per month. 
“Notre Dame de la Medaille Miraculeuse” provides schooling to 500 children for free. Furthermore 80 children grow up in the attached orphanage. Some of these children lost their parents and others were give up, as the parents were not able to support them anymore. 
However the facility requires a severe refurbishment. The facilities were not earthquake resistant, there was no fresh water system or sewerage. Electricity was provided by a generator, for which the facility can only afford gasoline worth 2 working hours.

The photovoltaic project is part of 3 non-governmentallyfunded projects: 
- “Action Five “and “Aqua Nostra” have installed a fresh water system and sewage. 
- “Architekten über Grenzen” (Architects over boarders) will set up earthquake 
and storm resistant housing. The fundament is already finalized. 
- “Technik ohne Grenzen” will install the solar panels on the stable roofs to provide clean, reliable and low maintenance electricity.
Why is electricity important? 
- To run the pumps of the newly installed fresh water system.
- To cool food and run the school cantina 
- Light! At the equator it becomes dark at an early point.  
- To provide schooling material using the school printer, as books cannot be afforded 



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