The Campus Dustbin Project in Ghana aims to reduce plastic and non-plastic waste littered on university campus. We want to increase awareness for the environment among students, and in a long-range among Ghanaian citizens in general. A sustainable waste management system is going to be set up at UCC campus, which means that locally produced dustbins are sited all around campus at suitable spots. The waste is collected, sorted and brought to a storage point by volunteers and university staff. The plastic waste is collected by a recycling company which is bound by contract. The revenue is going to be invested in further adjustments to the system or the expansion of the project.

The Ghanaian team realizes the project with support of a German team from RG Erlangen. It is a great opportunity for RG Cape Coast to push forward projects concerning recycling in a sustainable way. The Campus Dustbin Project combines theory and practical operation in a very good manner, as participants get to know sustainable waste management and subsequently can implement their knowledge by becoming a volunteer. In combination with the initiative RecycleUp! – Ghana it is possible to tackle the waste problem of Ghana starting from within the society. We believe, that the focus on young citizens and long-term concepts has the potential to increase the awareness of waste problems within the Ghanaian society permanently.


Model of incinerator for the disposal of medical waste

Aktuelle Projekte

February 2020 - now

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Abgeschlossene Projekte

November 2019 - now

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February 2019 - March 2019

Disposal of Biomedical Waste at the Outreach Clinic in Bolde, Nepal

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February 2018 - June 2019

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