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The provision of water constitutes a significant problem in many parts of Africa. We help to construct groundwater dams, wells and storage cisterns.


There is great potential in Africa for the exploitation of solar energy. We support local inhabitants in installing solar cookers and photovoltaic arrays.


The incineration of medical waste, which neutralises infectious organisms, is important in preventing the transmission of disease through drinking water.


Organisation, structure and timing are indispensable in the running of a hospital. We provide training for hospital staff and assist with equipment overhauls.

About us

Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. (Technology without Borders, Germany) has one goal: improving living conditions in developing countries. This goal is pursued principally through the following three areas of activity:

  1. Coordinating on-site, tailored cooperative development work that makes the most effective use of the available resources.
  2. Delivering education and training that empower local people effect change themselves.
  3. Stimulating sustainable development, for example through microbusiness initiatives.

Through these activities, we aim to put our technical expertise to meaningful use in the service of others. This is the guiding principle behind the foundation of our organisation, our motto being “as sophisticated as necessary, as simple as possible“. In the organisation's name, the term “technology“ represents an invitation for all technical enthusiasts, as well as tradespeople, technicians, artisans and engineers, to participate in our work. Our organisation also places great importance on offering students the opportunity to make a difference through the application of technical and engineering skills to a variety of challenges in different locations and cultures. If these ideas inspire you, we would love to have you work with us!



… dass sie im Notfall nah bei ihren kleinen Patienten sind.

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April 26, 2020

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