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Every tuesday at 7pm in room 111 department MB/UT of the OTH-AW.

Bank account
Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.
IBAN DE81 3006 0601 0037 5832 90
Kreditinstitut: Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG
Project focuses
Waste, Water, Education
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The regional group Amberg mainly consists of current and former students of the University of Applied Sciences "OTH" in Amberg-Weiden. We focus on subjects such as "environment-friendly disposal of medical waste", "water" and "maintenance in hospitals" in African countries. Not only are we responsible for the technical realization, but also for the autonomous project management of all relevant aspects such as organization, fundraising and public relations. The implementation of an aid project requires much organization and work. That's why we need every help we can get. Become part of our team and support us! Whether you are a student, professional, retired, technician or non-technician, we would like to welcome you to our next project meeting. The regional group Amberg meets on tuesdays at 7pm in Room 111 of the Faculty MB/UT of the OTH-AW (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 23, 92224 Amberg). During meetings we discuss organizational matters as well as the progress of our project groups. In addition, we plan events, fundraising campaigns, and the next meetings. If interested, please do not hesitate to stop by any time. We look forward to every visitor and prospective member. If you have any questions about projects or how to support us, please send an email to gro.goet@grebmA!


Fabian Süß Florian Wachler Dominik Rose
1st Regional Head 2nd Regional Head Secretary
Sandra Breu Maximilian Martin Adelheid Gonschorek
1st Cashier 2nd Cashier Cash Auditor


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