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About us

To keep a hospital up and running you need a lot of equipment. From dental chairs to blood pressure monitors and generators, everything has to be functional and ready for use so that doctors can do their jobs. We are supporting the technical departments in hospitals with maintenance and repair concepts as well as optimising work processes. Besides that, we provide training on electrical safety. At the moment, we focus on the support of dental departments and the establishment of dental laboratories and maternity wards. Recently, we have also started offering hospitals the opportunity to inventory their equipment with our TwB Swift app.

We are about 20 active members distributed across the local groups Erlangen, Ansbach and Ludwigshafen. So far, 15 projects have been carried out in Ghana, Nicaragua, Rwanda and Nepal. In our next project in 2020, we will train Ghanaian technicians in the maintenance and troubleshooting of emergency room training simulators. At the same time the equipment of the hospital will be inventoried with our app.

Until now, we have implemented the following projects in our group:

Ghana Nepal Ruanda Nicaragua Some others projects are in planning phase right now.

Information about the current projects


In these projects, we install further equipment in the hospitals. We already set up two dental chairs and put the medical devices for a maternity ward into operation.


Maintenance of an incubator
In Germany, we are preparing the trainings for the local technicians. Once we are abroad, we give the workshops, help the technicians with repairs and support the hospital when general problems like waste management occur.

TwB Swift App

TwB Swift App
For the inventory of the medical devices we developed an app. It helps the local technicians to keep track of the medical devices, pending maintenances and broken devices.



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