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We meet each second thursday (even calender weeks. Send us an E-Mail for further information!)


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Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.
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Education, Agroforestry, Water
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Stand on our side fighting plastic waste!

Madiba&Nature is a project from Cameroon that builds fishing boats from plastic waste in order…

December 9, 2023


Sustainable kindergarten in Tanzania – the first children have moved in

Trinity is a private, English-speaking pre-school and primary school in Boma Ng’ombe at the foot…

July 28, 2023


Stawisha Africa Annual Report 2022

Our partner NGO Stawisha Africa in Kenya has published its annual report 2022. Our joint…

March 8, 2023

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About the RG

The regional group Rhein-Main was founded in February 2017. Our team has expertise in electrical engineering, process engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture and much more. Dedicated new members are always welcome! We do not have a real "thematic focus" because we work on very different projects. So it does not matter which special field you're from, everyone can join us.We meet regularly every second Thursday in Frankfurt/ Main, alternating between a working meeting and a regular's table in various restaurants.

Additional interests

In addition to our actual project work, we also look for topics that we find interesting and important, without being assigned to a specific project. At the moment, we focus on the SDGs of the UN.  

Sustainable development goals

Not too long ago, the United Nations gave itself 17 development goals for sustainable development cooperation, which can also count for us as NGOs. These address the economic, ecological and social level of development and can be found in parts without further action in our projects. We as RG have set ourselves the goal of identifying for each of our projects which of the sustainable development goals we are addressing and how we can achieve further goals.

Ongoing activities and projects

We continue collecting second hand sunglasses, reading glasses and first aid kits for the KCMC hospital in Moshi. On of their ressorts especially cares about people suffering from albinsim as part of the Albino Care Project; people are supported with sunprotecting lotion, sunprotecting hats, magnifying glasses and other items. We first started to support this institution within a dedicated project (TZA_14) and continue this partnership by bringing donations in kind during our other activities in Tanzania.

Apart from that we are still collecting english children's books, which are going to our partner Stawisha Africa in Kenya. There we started a small library, where kids have the opportunity to increase their reading skills (KEN_06). The library shall continue growing over time as we bring further books to Kenya along with our other activites there.

Our Partners



January 2024 - now

Rainwater collection and irrigation system for  school garden, Tanzania, Hai District

Trinity is a private Pre & Primary English Medium…

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August 2023 - now

Agroforestry Demonstration Farm in Tanzania, Boma Ng’gombe

Project Description: As a result of climate change, continuous…

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May 2021 - now

Plastic-Recycling – Ecoboats with Madiba&Nature in Cameroon

Background: Every day, around 1300 tonnes of plastic waste…

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December 2020 - now

Agroforestry Demonstration Farm in Ghana

Project location Ghana is a tropical country in West…

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May 2024 - now

Dry toilets for a school in Burkina Faso, Nagare

INITIAL SITUATION The aim of this project is to…

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May 2024 - April 2024

Water supply for Got Koyombe Dispensary, Kenya, Ngiya

Situation In Kenya and other African countries, clean water…

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December 2023 - February 2024

Garden irrigation at Nyasidhi Secondary School, Kenia, Ngi’ya

Background In 2022, 15 school gardens were planted in…

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August 2023 - September 2023

Pre-exploration water projects Western Cameroon


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January 2023 - October 2023

Tree planting actions in Kenya, Ngiya

In Kenya, many trees in rural areas are cut…

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January 2023 - March 2024

Teaching Computer Basics – Laptops and IT Education in Ng’iya (Kenia)

The goal of this project is to promote IT…

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December 2022 - February 2024

Resource Efficient Nursery School in Tanzania, Hai District

Project Background The Trinity Academy is a private Pre…

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May 2022 - August 2022

Second run: further school gardens in Kenya, Ngiya

Project description Background The Agroforestry project in Kenya goes…

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March 2022 - March 2022

Maintenance of a water supply in Kenya, Ng’iya

In March 2022, we from Technology without Borders were…

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May 2022 - May 2023

Trees for Primary Schools in Tanzania, Hai District

Background The area is located on the western slope…

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December 2021 - April 2022

Children’s books for Kenya, Ngiya

What is it about? In rural areas in Kenya,…

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May 2021 - March 2022

Agroforestry and school gardening in Kenya, Ngiya

Project description Background In Kenya, many trees in rural…

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May 2019 - December 2020

Well for a student’s home in Hombolo, Tanzania

About the project In Hombolo, our partner builds up…

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October 2020 - April 2022

Rhein-Main Planting Event 2021, Germany

Trees do not only serve as CO2-storage, but also…

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September 2020 - December 2021

TCB – Laptops for school in Cameroon, Bayangam

The project In Bayangam, Cameroon, people barely have access…

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April 2020 - December 2021

Water supply for Technical High School in Cameroon, Bayangam

Project description Bayangam lies in the region of Western…

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April 2020 - August 2021

Support for People with Albinism in Tanzania, Moshi

Situation In Tanzania, many people suffer from Albinism. This…

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December 2019 - November 2021

Water supply in Cameroon, Nzindong

Project videos Project implementation Drilling at Nzindong Tag des…

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June 2018 - February 2020

Infrastructure for a childrens house in Sri Lanka, Modera Moratuwa

Project completed In this project, we aimed to improve…

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July 2019 - October 2021

Reforestation in Germany, Schwarzenborn

Wiederaufforstung hilft uns, unsere CO2 Bilanz auszugleichen. Wir freuen…

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May 2019 - October 2022

Rain water collection for students home in Tanzania, Dodoma

The modular students home allows especially students from families…

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