Trees for Primary Schools in Tanzania, Hai District

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The area is located on the western slope of Kilimanjaro. The region is hot and dry. There are two periods of rainfall: from March to May there is a bigger amount of rain and from November to December there are short rain showers. In the meantime, climate change is also becoming noticeable here and it happens that a lack of rain occurs. The region is characterized by a high degree of agriculture and the planting seasons depend on the rainy seasons. In order to counteract the increasing drought and soil erosion, the government has called on the citizens of the district to plant trees and so counteract climate change. We are implementing the project together with the Tanzanian NGO Jali Foundation, which is committed to education, environmental and sustainability goals, and social issues.

What is planned?

We would like to plant fruit and shade trees as a pilot project at three elementary school in the region around Boma Ng'ombe. The shade trees provide natural cooling and reduce soil erosion. The school children are fed with the fruits of the fruit trees. Vegetable fields can be planted in the shade of the trees. Such an agroforestry system is intended to protect the environment and improve the nutritional situation at the schools. We would like to establish "Environmental Clubs" at the schools, which will receive appropriate training so that they can care for and maintain the trees and beds.

What is the benefit?

Planting trees can reduce soil erosion and other negative effects of climate change. By growing fruit and vegetables, schools can become self-sufficient and thus save costs on school meals. In addition, we want to raise awareness among schoolchildren about the environment and sustainable use of resources.

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May 2022 - May 2023

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Trees for Tanzanian Schools


Trees for Tanzanian Schools

We are happy to inform you that the first trees have arrived at the three schools in Tanzania. The trees will be watered and acclimatised until they are planted at the beginning of the rainy season. Planting has already…