15. Juni 2020

WASH against COVID-19

“The choices that you make right now, could make a difference between life and death of someone else” (Sulman Muhanguzi, Laborassistent Ndejje University)
„Protect yourself and your family and friends from Corona virus by following the hygiene measures! This message is brought to you by the Ugandan regional group of Technology without Borders”.


15. Juni 2019

1st Workshop of the “Sustainable University Community” project by Technology without Borders Brazil

1st workshop of the project “Sustainable University Community” of the National Group of Brazil for the production of waste bins and ashtrays for the university campus of the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Araranguá. The workshop is the first action of the project to make the campus more sustainable and disseminate the work of Technology without Borders better at the campus.

April 2019

Water supply and maintenance project – Kabonwule, Northern Ghana

The village of Kabonwule in the Northern Region of Ghana suffers from water shortage during the dry season. Additionally, the highly extended fluoride content in the ground water leads to health problems. Our three Ghanaian members Joseph, Edmund and John enabled a new source of water by the provision of a new pump for a dysfunctioning borehole and trained the inhabitants in filtration of the drinking water by using a readily accessing filter material to reduce the fluoride content. The following video shows their impressions in Kabonwule.

More informations about the project can be found here:



Oktober 2017
Winta Kesete Climate Reporter and Master Student from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) accompanied us on the penultimate journey in September 2017 and reported among other things about our water project.
8. Juli 2016


15. January 2014

2014 Exploration Eritrea – RG Hamburg

Mai 2012

A team of technology without borders found a solution for the rubbish problem at the Holy Family Hospital in Techiman (Ghana) in spring 2012. By training the staff in the hospital a seperation of the garbage was achieved. Uninfected plastic is now brought to a recycling company; Infected plastic (dripping, needles, etc.) are combusted effectively and environmentally friendly. For this purpose, a combustion plant with two high-performance furnaces was built.

1. July 2016

After successfully completing their project, Arne and Annika reported on their experiences and stories of project implementation on June 1, The “Maintenance Support” team of RG Erlangen of “Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.” has set itself the task of providing hospitals in the third world with repair and maintenance processes. In this effort, four hospitals were visited and supported with training, tools and practical help in repairs. The emphasis here is on the transfer of knowledge. The faults and defects of the devices could be remedied by using a suitable tool.

March 2012

Klaas Jerit Witte and Hannes Schwessinger were born in Akuapim, Ghana in the spring of 2012 and have carried out the project “Plastic Disposal at Schools in Ghana.