Students home in Tanzania, Dodoma

About the Project


Dodoma, a city in Tanzania, has, as most cities in the world, a rapidly increasing population. Especially for students it is hard to find affordable flats. Together with a partner, we plan a modular, energy efficient students home and construct the first module. One module gives space for eight students, we especially want to support female students enroling in technical courses. Apart from support with the construction, drinking water, rain water storage and photovoltaik are planned. The first module can serve as example for further building projects within the region.

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Subproject 1: Well construction

To ensure the water supply for the students, we will construct a well for drinking water. This will be used by the students, students from nearby homes and locals from the village Hombolo. The only well in Hombolo gives salty water, which can not be used for drinking without pretreatment. First investigations showed that a deep well on the ground of the students home provides water of high quality. The students will also not have to by water in bottles, saving plastic waste.

Subproject 2: Solar power

To allow clean energy, solar power is planned. This will be sufficient to operate charging devices, kitchen machines and smaller house hold tools.

Subproject 3: Rain water usage

Apart from that, rain water usage is planned. These kind of systems are not yet used in Hombolo, although it is raining several months a year. THis project includes the installation of rain gutters, piping and storage tanks.  


This project achieves the following sustainable development goals of the UN:


Project Leader


Detlef Glitsch

Regional Groups

  • Rhein-Main

Project members

Christine Dillmann (Projektleiter)
Kirsten Essig (Architekt)
Heiko Bornhorst (Teilprojekt 1 und 3)
Peter Scheunert (Teilprojekt 2)
Detlef Glitsch (Teilprojekt 3)
Corinna Schmidt (Teilprojekt 3)

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May 2019 - now

Project stage



Well drilling for student home started


Well drilling for student home started

This week, the drilling company arrived at Hombolo to start with the well for the students home. According to the hydrogeological measurement, we should drill 150 m, so we hope that we are done in 4 to 5 days.

Construction phase in Tanzania about to start


Construction phase in Tanzania about to start

Coming soon: the bricks for the students home in Tanzania are on shelf, soon the construction of the well will start. Thanks to the Merck Family foundation for supporting this part of the project! The well will support clean…

MoU for Tanzania project signed


MoU for Tanzania project signed

The planning phase for the student’s home in Tanzania is in full flight! Last month, the MoU with our partner in Tanzania was signed. There are still lots of work to do. Support us by joining our team or…

Rhein-Main backt


Rhein-Main backt

Pünktlich zur Vorweihnachtszeit hat die RG Rhein Main wieder leckere Plätzchen gebacken. Die kreativen Kreationen werden gegen Spende abgegeben, damit werden die aktuellen Projete unserer RG unterstützt. Eine schöne Adventszeit wünscht TeoG Rhein-Main!