Agroforestry Demonstration Farm in Ghana

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Ghana is a tropical country in West Africa. There is currently a growing awareness of the sustainable use of natural resources there. Due to climate change  the continuous water supply for agriculture is a growing issue here during the dry season. In addition, large companies create dependency on farmers for fertilizers and herbicides, which in turn makes them economically dependent. 

Project activities

The aim of this project is to improve the situation of farmers, in particular their autonomy to the large seed producers, and to stabilize and improve the harvest yield. In addition, the resource-saving handling of the environment is the focus of the project. For that, a holistic approach based on agroforestry (AFS agroforestry system) is to be established for implementation. AFS combines perennial wood plants with agricultural crops or animals on the same area. Sub-projects for the implementation of the project goals include the construction of a demonstration farm near Sunyani (Bono region in Ghana). This farm is intended to give surrounding farmers an understanding of the possibilities and implementation of agroforestry-based agriculture, to serve as a pilot farm and to train and support them in implementation. A tree nursery, seed bank and training opportunities are also to be built within this demonstration farm.  The regional group of Technology Without Borders e.V. in Ghana - Sunyani (TwB - Sunyani) can optimally support this project through the continuous presence on site.     

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  • Rhein-Main
  • Hamburg
  • Sunyani

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Ezgi Arat
Lutz Michaelis
Jannik Mechau
Frank Neumann
Anthony Kodzo Hunkpe
Joseph Maudjorm

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December 2020 - now

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