Rhein-Main Planting Event 2021, Germany

About the Project

Trees do not only serve as CO2-storage, but also occoupy an important function in the water circle, since they increase water storage potential of the ground and minimize water evaporation from the ground. The RG Rhein-Main will plant 300 trees in cooperation with the neighbour RG Rhein-Neckar and the Wasserbeschaffungsverband Riedgruppe Ost in a wildlife park on the areal of the water station. Red oaks and wild cherries will be planted next to the wild boar enclosure. The wild cherry, apart from its role in CO2 and water cycle, also serves as feed for ative birds and insects. So: Hands on the spades and start planting!

This project is part of the TeoG CO2-initiative and will be funded by RG Rhein-Main and TeoG CO2 fund. It makes an important part to climate protection and meets the following SDGs:



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  • Rhein-Main

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Stefan Hartleif
Franziska Enzmann

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October 2020 - April 2022

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Small planting campaign of the RG Rhine-Main completed


Small planting campaign of the RG Rhine-Main completed

On 18 March we were able to plant 75 wild cherries and 250 ash trees on the grounds of the Wasserbeschaffungsverband Riedgruppe Ost. Unfortunately, only 3 TeoG members were able to participate due to Corona regulations. Nevertheless, we are…

Inspiration for TeoG-planting events


Inspiration for TeoG-planting events

In Wehrheim in the Hochtaunuskreis there is now a “Bienenretter” machine, where you can get flower seeds as feed for bees, and on the other hand also inspiration boxes with ideas for climate protection. Now, this also includes “Plant-for-the-Planet”…

TeoG Rhein-Main says Merry X-MAS!


TeoG Rhein-Main says Merry X-MAS!

This year was quite challenging for all of us. Anyway, we reached quite a lot! In our project supporting a students home in Tanzania, we built a well which also supplys water for people in the nearby village. We…