Support for People with Albinism in Tanzania, Moshi

About the Project


In Tanzania, many people suffer from Albinism. This does not only cause dermatological problems, but often comes with reduced eye sight. This is a great issue especially for children, which are not capable of reading textbooks in school. An institute of the KCMC hosptial in Moshi supports people with Albinism with the Albino Care project, by handing out sun protection hats, sun protecting lotion or reading aids. BUt usually, the material is not sufficient for al patients.

Our Plan

Hand in hand with the Albino Care program, we want to support people with Albinism in Tanzania. The following aspects are part of our project:
    • Sun glasses: We collect second hand sun glasses in Germany and transfer them to Tanzania. Via Albino Care, the sun glasses will be distributed among the Albino-community to protect eyes against UV light.
    • Sun protecting hats: We use donations to buy sun protecting hats, especially for children with Albinsim. We will get these hats from a Tanzanian company to support the local economy. We also check for possibilities of establishing a manufacture by the patients themselves.
  • Reading aids: With magnifying glasses and reading foils we want to support children with reduced eye sight due to Albinism during their education. Together with local eye doctors we plan trainings on how to use those reading aids.


For this project, we work together with the Albino Care project in Tanzania and further organisations supporting people with Albinism. You can support this project with a donation to:

Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.
IBAN: DE79 50190000 6200735542
Frankfurter Volksbank eG
Betreff: TZA_14


This project achieves the following sustainable development goals of the UN:



Project Leader

Detlef Glitsch

Regional Groups

  • Rhein-Main

Project members

Christine Dillmann
Thomas Hartmann

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April 2020 - now

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Hats for kids with albinism


Hats for kids with albinism

Together with the Albino-Care department of the KCMC hospital in Moshi we support people with albinism. We provided 300 hats, manufactured in Tanzania, for kids with albinism in schools in Moshi.

TeoG Rhein-Main says Merry X-MAS!


TeoG Rhein-Main says Merry X-MAS!

This year was quite challenging for all of us. Anyway, we reached quite a lot! In our project supporting a students home in Tanzania, we built a well which also supplys water for people in the nearby village. We…

Maths? Bright and clear!


Maths? Bright and clear!

For our project supporting people with albinism we are currently testing different reading aids. Apart from magnifying glasses, magnifying foils can be used. We just developed a frame tp place a book in the right distance to the foil….

Too many sunglasses?


Too many sunglasses?

For our project in Tanzania, we are collecting second-hand sunglasses for people with Albinism. Even if the are last years collection, they can still help in Tanzania to protect eyes from UV light. All glasses collected will be checked…