Tree planting actions in Kenya, Ngiya

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In Kenya, many trees in rural areas are cut down for firewood, this is also the case in Siaya County where this project is located. Deforestation leads to soil erosion, reduced water holding capacity of the soil and loss of habitat for insects and birds. As a continuation of our agroforestry projects in Kenya, this time we will plant trees on public land, for example at schools and hospitals, using trees from the tree nursery we started together with Stawisha Africa. The tree planting campaigns are another aspect of our work for climate protection. In the course of the campaigns, there will again be workshops on environmental protection for children and young people. The project is being carried out in cooperation with Stawisha Africa, an NGO founded in Kenya in 2020 to support children from difficult backgrounds.  

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Franzi Enzmann

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Julia McGregor

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January 2023 - now

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Stawisha Africa Annual Report 2022


Stawisha Africa Annual Report 2022

Our partner NGO Stawisha Africa in Kenya has published its annual report 2022. Our joint projects in Ngiya, Kenya are mentioned as well as other activities of Stawisha. We congratulate on this successful year and look forward to further…