Resource Efficient Nursery School in Tanzania, Hai District

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Project Background

The Trinity Academy is a private Pre & Primary English Medium School with 240 students. 17% of them are orphants. Trinity strives to operate sustainably. The younger kids (3-6y.) are currently in an empty classroom which is not suitable for kids at a very low age.

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Januar 2023

Project Goals

The aim of the project is to build a nursery school for 60 kids with rainwater collection, solar power, a vegetable garden for the kids and a suitable playground. This shall provide a suitable environment for young kids to learn and grow, while at the same time increasing awareness of sustainable living. These four tasks were adressed:
  • Task 1: Construction of the house
  • Task 2: Installing solar panels, rainwater gutters and water storage tank
  • Task 3: Equipment of the rooms with suitable furniture and also mosquito protection in the sleeping room
  • Task 4: Start vegetable garden, first fruit trees were already brought there in project TZA_17
  • Optional Task: Collect toys etc. in Germany to bring it over, improve and renew existing playground

Adressed SDGs

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Project Leader

Franzi Enzmann

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  • Rhein-Main

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Kristen Essig
Beatrix Becker
Christine Dillmann
Detlef Glitsch

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December 2022 - now

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