Second run: further school gardens in Kenya, Ngiya

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The Agroforestry project in Kenya goes into the second round! After the successful implementation of the concept at ten schools within the framework of the KEN_05 project, our "Islands of Abundance" are now being planted at five more schools in Ngiya.

Our approach

The aim of the project is to conserve the environment with agroforestry systems by planting fruit trees on school grounds of different schools with vegetable fields in the shadows between the trees and at the same time provide fruits and vegetables for kids at the schools. Surplus fruits can also be sold at the market to allow the schools a better financial situation to e.g. reduce fees. Workshops about agroforestry and climate change will be done by us to transfer knowledge on agroforestry systems. The kids will participate in setting up the school gardens and after the project also be able to care for the plants themselves.

Who profits from the project?

Firstly, kids attending the local schools will profit by getting healthy fruits and vegetables from the school gardens, reducing malnutrition and health issues. Apart from that, knowledge transfer allows them to also start gardening at home. Secondly, the whole region will profit from the possibility to get fruit trees from the tree nursery, allowing also poorer families to start fruit growth for improved nutrient situation. And thirdly, increased tree growth all over the area will reduce ground erosion and other negative effects of the climate change, allowing the region to create a sustainable agriculture and food supply.

Adressed SDGs

Project Team

This project will be planned and carried out by the regional group Rhein-Main in cooperation with Stawisha Africa, an NGO founded in Kenya 2020 to support kids from challenging backgrounds. Stawisha Africa is already partnering with several schools in the area, a long-term cooperation is desired. More information here. This project is supported by the company REHAU - unlimited polymer solutions.  

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Franzi Enzmann

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  • Rhein-Main

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May 2022 - August 2022

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