Dry toilets for a school in Burkina Faso, Nagare

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The aim of this project is to improve the boundary conditions at a school offering higher education in Burkina Faso to allow an easier daily school visit for all students. The school is a Lycée located in Nagaré in the eastern part of  Burkina Faso, Africa, which has a tropic climate with rainy and dry season and only very poor vegetation. At the moment, 600 students between 14 and 18 visit the grades 5-10 at the Lycées. The school only offers 12 toilets for all the students, some of than in a very bad condition. Additionally, in the end of 2019 the school shall be extended by the grades 11-13 and 1000 students, increasing the demand for further toilets. Together with our partner organisation Lernen dürfen e.V., lead by Claudia Papenhausen we want to improve the boundary conditions at the school substantially. Lernen dürfen e.V. is in contact with the government, which supports the school by sending teachers and sets the school as standard for the whole region of eastern Burkina Faso.  


The 12 existing toilets are not only very few, but are also not cleaned regularily and therefore are relatively dirty. A possibility for hand washing is lacking. The separation between boy's and girl's toilets is insufficient, and the kids avoid to use the toilets. Instead, using field and open earth as toilets couses pollution of water and soil. Some students also do not attend classes or refuse to drink to avoid the need to go to the toilet.


As a first step, four dry toilets are constucted together with local companies, which can in future build the systems without help from TeoG.The advantage of the dry toilets is that there is no need for a water flushing and additionally that by separation of liquid and solid a further use for compostation is possible. Along with that, sinks for hand washing will be installed to minimize infections. By the construction of the dry toilets the boundary conditions at the school will be improved at the school in Nagaré, hopefully allow more students to attend all classes, since: Education is future!  


This project achieves the following sustainable development goals of the UN:



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