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In the course of two projects, Technik ohne Grenzen has equipped four schools in Ghana with IT infrastructure. Both projects were carried out within the framework of "Teaching Computer Basics" - TCB for short. In order to ensure that students benefit sustainably from this in their learning process, local teachers are supported in handling laptops by Ghanaian TCB members. As the schools do not have sufficient connection to the Internet, there are repeated complaints that pupils do not have free access to knowledge. TeoG wants to remedy this situation by using the KnowledgeBox (for details see KnowledgeBox-Project). The KnowledgeBox is a Linux-based server that contains offline versions of platforms such as Wikipedia and Khan Academy. The server can be easily integrated into already existing computer infrastructure.


The four schools (two in Nkanfoa and two in Agona Abodom) will be equipped with KnowledgeBoxes. The necessary infrastructure (especially network technology) will be installed. After the functionality of the systems has been tested, teachers will be trained in the use of the new system. This one-week workshop is intended to ensure that students benefit from it in the long term. The project is carried out by two TeoG members from Amberg and Erlangen. The implementation will take a good two weeks and will take place in October or November 2018.

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Julian Deyerler

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  • Erlangen
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Julian Deyerler
Ina Reichmann
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Maximilian Martin
Fabian Süß
Derrick Fio
Rachel Hormeku

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March 2018 - March 2019

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