Our Projects

May 2019 - now

TCB Update in Tanzania

Background Two projects have been carried out at Shambalai…

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February 2020 - now

Construction of an incinerator for Biomedical Waste in Manhekarka, Nepal

What’s the problem? Usually, infectious hospital waste in Nepal…

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December 2019 - now

Water supply in Cameroon, Nzindong

Voir la version française ci-dessous Project description The village…

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November 2019 - now

Disposal of biomedical waste in Senegal

Initial Situation Most infectious hospital waste in Senegal is incinerated...

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June 2018 - now

Infrastructure for a childrens house in Sri Lanka

In this project, we aim to improve the infrastructure…

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March 2019 - now

Sustainble University Community (ComUS)

coming soon

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April 2019 - now

Borehole regenerations in the Brong-Ahafo Region, Ghana

Many villages in the Brong-Ahafo Region in Ghana suffer…

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July 2019 - now

Reforestation in Germany, Schwarzenborn

(Deutsch) Wiederaufforstung hilft uns, unsere CO2 Bilanz auszugleichen. Wir…

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May 2019 - now

Students home in Tanzania, Dodoma

The modular students home allows especially students from families…

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