Generator maintenance in ghanaian Hospitals

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Hospitals need electricity. Operation theaters need light and medical fridges need power. A blackout can be fatal. The instability of the Ghanaian national grid is not able to provide this all the time which leads to hospitals frequently relying on generators to cover the blackouts. .

These blackouts occur unannounced, important devices have to be supplies with power banks until the generators kick in and the sudden return of the national grid puts additional pressure on the components of the generator. The hot and humid climate, missing spare parts and tools as well as the incomplete training of the electrical staff speed up the deterioration. Furthermore the generators often can not bare the load of the entire hospital and improper maintenance leads to frequent overheating which further damages the machines.

In cooperation with the GRVD( German Rotary Volunteer Doctors) we tackle this problem systematically in this deployment. Our team, including a German electrician, will travel to Ghana and visit four hospitals in the southern region of the country to analyze the exact problems and working routines present there. After this assessment our technician will begin with the needed trainings form the hospital staff including introducing specialized tools brought from Germany that are rare to find in Ghana. All this will be documented and prepared as schooling materials by us during the visit in cooperation with the technicians and our Ghanaian TeoG members.

A long term perspective additionally added through our TeoG members from our Group in Ghana will be there as well. Just like the electricians in the hospitals, they will participate in the training. So after we leave they build the bridge between Germany and Ghana. If problems arise in the hospitals, they are quickly available to further assess the situation and help. This includes making preliminary explorations in the 9 other hospitals, assisted by the GRVD, in Ghana that are going to be incorporated into this maintenance scheme.

Thank you very much for your interest and support in and for out Project! During the implementation in Ghana our team will post updates and pictures on this site to keep you up to date of our work, challenges and progress!

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