Kitchen for the Hawelti school in Axum (Ethiopia)

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The hawelti school in Axum, visited by approximately 500 children, has been supported through the hawelti association from Nuremberg for a few years. Axum is a town in the north of Ethiopia close to the border of Eritrea. The pupils which are learning in this school are mostly from poor families. The headmaster of the school and the chairman of the hawelti, who visited the school last year, hold the opinion that a better supply of food is necessary for the pupils. Many of them are sick or are not focused on the lessons due to a lack of food. In order to improve this situation, the technical college of Axum made drafts for a school kitchen. The hawelti asked Technology without borders for help to design the facilities needed for the kitchen. The tasks of TeoG are to design a water- and an energy supply and to supervise the building of the kitchen itself. Besides that the fundraising is necessary. The persons in charge must be educated to operate and maintain the technical equipment. The aim is to support a better education of the youth so that the children are able to learn a profession - professional schools and a university are available in Axum. In September 2015 two members of TeoG visited Axum for 3 weeks to collect informations and get in touch with the people.



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