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The Boundary Conditions of TeoG Ghana:
"To solve Ghanas waste problem, TeoG has already implemented a significant number of projects to establish a disposal system in Hospitals. For better cooperation between Ghana and Germany the organisation ""TeoG Ghana"" was founded and is constantly growing and taking more and more responsibility. The next step will be projects planned and implemented completely automonous by TeoG Ghana to make TeoG projects even more efficient and sustainable."

Which goals shall be achieved:
" - Detail Knowledge about situation, expextions and potential of TeoG Ghana
- Information about /overview of finished incinerator projects in Ghana
- More indepent implementation of projects done by TeoG Ghana
- Optimisation of incinerator projects"

How we plan to achieve sustainable outcome of the project:
"- meeting TeoG Ghana members, discussion of situation of TeoG Ghana, problems, expections, potantials, review/overview of finished projects
--> overview of projects in TeoG Ghana´s situation
- closer coworking of TeoG Ghana and TeoG Germany, project maintaining
--> Improvement/sustainibility of projects, autonomous operating of TeoG Ghana"

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February 2023 - now

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