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Potable Water remains to be a severe problem in many rural areas in Ghana. This is due to lack of rain water and a lack of reasonable water sources. Often people drink from small rivers or shallow hand dug wells, which are polluted.

Owumunam is a poor village with approximately 500 inhabitants. They are dependent on their own agriculture. There is a high need to improve their situation. Especially in dry season, their sources of water dry up. The sources of water include a small and dirty river and a shallow hand dug well which is only 5 meters deep.

In April 2015 we evaluated the geological situation around Owumunam to decide on a feasible location for a new drilled well. In cooperation with the community, a plan was established to guarantee the sustainability of the well and the independence of the Owumunam. The monthly community levy will be enhanced and a group of community members will be trained by a local WATSAN group to maintain and repair the well in the future.

A 60 meter deep drilled well fitted with a hand pump is proposed. The geophysical investigation verified that there are big aquifers for water in that depth. Also there is no risk of the water being polluted by toilets or other human wastes in these depths. A mechanical hand pump is a solid construction that should provide the community with clean water with a minimum amount of maintenance in the coming years.

The upcoming project steps will be supervised by the german regional group of Munich in cooperation with a team of students from the regional group of Cape Coast, Ghana

Please help us collect the expenses for this project. Any financial help is greatly appreciated so that the health of the community members of Owumunam can be enhanced in the future.

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