Join us

  1. Become a member

    To become a member of Technology without Borders (Technik ohne Grenzen), please complete this form and return it by fax, email or post to:

    Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.
    Richard-Strauß-Str. 38
    91315 Höchstadt/Aisch

    Fax: 09193/4284
    Email: info(at)
  2. Regional groups

    Our individual regional groups meet regularly in order to discuss, plan and present future projects and events. Regional groups may be formed wherever there are people who support the aims of our organisation. We are always delighted to welcome new groups! Details of regional group meetings can be found in the respective groups’ calendars.
  3. Projects

    Absolutely anyone can make a contribution to our work. There is no requirement to bring new project ideas when coming to join us, as we already have a wide range of concepts under discussion or in preparation. However, if you do have an idea for a new project, a creative solution to a problem or a suggestion for a project partner somewhere in the world, we will make every effort to integrate it into our discussion process and perhaps ultimately put it into practice. A distinguishing characteristic of our organisation is its shallow hierarchy, which facilitates the rapid communication of ideas.
  4. Working Groups

    Our accumulated technical knowledge and project experience is organised by working groups, according to area of expertise. Our continually updated technical knowledgebase allows even lay people to quickly get to grips with key issues and to put that acquired knowledge to use. Our projects are not the sole preserve of the working groups, however; they also require the support of IT experts, economists, educators and others, whom we are always keen to find. Only with their involvement can we build comprehensive and lasting solutions.