Borehole regenerations in the Brong-Ahafo Region, Ghana

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Many villages in the Brong-Ahafo Region in Ghana suffer from an insufficient water supply. The boreholes are limited or even not usable due to poor water quality, low water flow rate or broken pumps. A low water flow rate can be explained by clogging of the well through chalk and manganese and iron oxides. This clogging can be removed by the ecofriendly chemical Wessoclean to enhance the pump effort. After the first borehole regenerations were conducted in a joint team of German and Ghanaian TwB members the project is now continued by our Ghanaian Regional groups independently. In the past months the members of RG Sunyani did field studies in 10 different communities in the rural area around Sunyani. To reduce the temporal expenditure for our Ghanaian members we developed a detailed questionnaire based on an Excel sheet in which all relevant data can be entered during the field studies. Additionally, the project team examined the quality of the borehole water by means of the lab equipment which was supplied to the Sunyani team in one of the previous projects. After extensive evaluation of all data the project team decides where a borehole regeneration is necessary. The RG Sunyani successfully regenerated two boreholes in May 2019. The water flow rate was distinctly enhanced. Additionally, our Ghanaian members repaired a spoilt pump. In November 2019 two further boreholes were treated with Wessoclean. Consequently, the water supply in both communities was distincly improved. Pictures can be seen in the gallery. Further borehole regenerations as well as the visit of new communities are planned soon. Additionally, RG Sunyani will keep in touch to all communities and visit them regularly. All previous borehole regenerations were enabled by the donations of the rotary club Göttingen/Hann. Münden. For the long-term continuation of the project by our highly motivated Ghanaian members we highly appreciate every donation to the account of the regional group Bayreuth.



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