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General idea The idea for the Campus Dustbin Projcect (CDP) evolved from RecycleUp! Ghana 2015. The aim of the project is to set up a sustainable waste management system to reduce plastic and non-plastic waste littered around the campus of the university of Cape Coast in Ghana. In a long term we want to increase awareness for the environment among students and staff of the university. Project description Locally produced dustbins are sited all around campus at suitable spots, e.g. dormitories or lecture halls. The waste is collected, sorted and brought to a storage point by CDP volunteers and university staff. Our Ghanaian team established a cooperation with the university administration, who strongly supports the project and is going to provide the storage location and staff the project. The plastic waste is collected by a recycling company which is bound by contract. At the moment there a two possible companies with which we are negotiating on the boundary conditions. The revenue is going to be invested in further adjustments to the system or the expansion of the project. In workshops students and university staff get teached what the project is about. The workshops play a keyrole in motivating as many people on campus as possible to take part in the project. Concerning the workshops TeoG is supported by the house administration and the student council. Timetable Pilot Phase (March 2016): First dustbins get installed and some workshops take place. Evaluation of pilot phase (March-April 2016): Results of the pilot phase are dicussed, further dustbins are produced Main phase (May 2016): More dustbins get installed on campus. Further workshops take place. The interaction of the initiative RecycleUp! Ghana and CDP offers a great chance to tackle Ghana's waste problem extensively. It makes students conscious of their environment and motivates them to change things. Targeting young people the concept has the potential to permanently increase awareness for the environment in the ghanaian society.

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