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In our project, a sustainable water supply is being established in the village of Chiro in Cambodia. Chiro is located about 100 km northeast of the capital Phnom Penh near the river Mekong and has about 700 inhabitants. The inhabitants of Chiro live largely from subsistence farming and the average level of education is low. The local NGO Organization for Basic Training (OBT) runs an afternoon school to provide the children from the region with a basic education and thus create better prospects for the future ( It is our fundamental concern to promote the striving of OBT and thus to support the local activities. 
In addition to the lack of educational opportunities, which are significantly improved by the local NGO, there are many other basic needs, such as a stable water supply, which must be covered. The villagers are currently supplied with clean water via a well-based water system. However, due to a sharp rise in demand and falling groundwater levels in the dry season, system failures regularly occur. Especially in the critical and hot months of the dry season, this presents the inhabitants of Chiro with existential challenges. The unforeseen climate fluctuations of recent years have made the situation even more difficult. Despite the proximity to the Mekong, the stabilization of the water supply has not been successful due to lack of financial means and technical know-how. We want to build on this initial situation and create a water system that integrates the existing infrastructure and provides a secure water source all year round. This goal is to be achieved by relieving the wells through the additional use of the nearby Mekong. The current technical planning envisages an additional filter system from locally available and inexpensive resources for the treatment of the Mekong water. The aim is to involve the villagers in the construction of the plant and thus to enable them for later maintenance. 
The project officially runs under the patronage of Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. - a German NGO that develops practical and sustainable solutions for developing countries under the motto "as technical as necessary, as simple as possible". With about 20 volunteers, we are working on the planning and implementation of the project. If you are further interested in the project, more detailed information can be found at 

In order to achieve these goals and successfully complete the project, we ask for your help in the form of a donation. For the inhabitants of the village an intact and reliable water supply would be a big step into a better future!



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