Environmental Disposal of medical waste, Banjhakateri (Nepal)

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The german association Brepal is supporting a small hospital in Banjhakateri in the district Gulmi in the centre of Nepal. Brepal asked TeoG for a solution to the hospital waste. To prevent the spread of diseases from the infected waste TeoG suggested the construction of an incinerator of the type De Montfort to burn the waste safely. After planning the project in Nuremberg the members Franziska Weeger, Stefan Adler and Jonas Schlund visited Banjhakateri from 06.11. - 07.12.2014. The incinerator was built, including a wasteyard and waste collection boxes. Further the members of the hospital team were trained how to use the incinerator and how to separate the waste in the right way. Especially the waste separation is an importent requirement to run the incinerator correct. Besides of that the schools in the village were visited to hold a lesson about waste and how it could affect the environment.



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