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The wasteful consumption of goods has led to many environmental issues in India. The increasing use of chemicals in agriculture as well as the lack of awareness regarding the importance of healthy ecosystems and biodiversity have led to serious environmental issues, such as soil degradation, pollution and contaminated drinking water. As a result, it has negative impacts on human health and livelihoods. Madanapalle is a city with 130000 inhabitants and located in the South of India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is an important center for agricultural products and famous for tomatoes, mangos, groundnuts and silk. Many farmers in the area suffer from different causes: Climate change has a negative impact on the already very dry climate with increasingly absent rainfalls. Moreover, big companies are becoming more and more powerful, pushing famers in debt by forcing them to buy their seeds and pesticides. Many farmers have already committed suicide. The project's aim is to show farmers more sustainable methods, adapted to the climate and needs of the people. By using water more effinciantly and using Agroforestry, yields can be increased in a long term. Our tasks on site include: -Carrying out research about soil quality, water availability and social economical situation in order to analyze the sustainability potentials of the project. -Setting up a demonstration farm using organic farming, agroforestry practices and sustainable water management. -Organizing a seminar for local famers on the experience gained about organic farming, agroforestry and sustainable water management -Setting up an environmental education center on the farmsite for local farmers and students to provide knowledge about the importance of environmental protection and the reasons of various environmental problems.

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