Photovoltaic System for a school in Rabuor, Kenya

About the Project

The project "Umbrella Widows and Orphans" was founded by the Kenyan family Oloo. It aims to give orphans in the surroundings of Rabuor a school education, a regular meal every day and provision of medical care. Besides the school buildings there are a bakery and an ambulant clinic on the project site. Selling bread helps to finance the project itself. But the bakery is strongly dependent on power supply as it uses electric ovens.

In Kenya power cuts of the regional grid happen frequently. Therefore generators are often used to overcome those power cuts. But the prices for electricity and fuel for generators are expensive. A photovoltaic system will avoid the regular expenses and will guarantee a constant power supply.

At the moment, we work on a possible solution in cooperation with the german organization "Sindiso e.V." which supports the project since 2005. In January 2016, during a pre-evaluation, we could obtain the necessary information about weather situation, the buildings the electrical connections of the project to the grid. We could also find local distributors for solar systems. The next steps will be to plan a suitable system and the installation.

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Nina Hanselmann

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Nina Hanselmann
Felix Dinkel
Kira Hirsenkorn

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January 2015 - July 2017

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