Pilot installation in Köln-Dellbrück

About the Project

January 2016 - start up photovoltaics ------ At our place in Cologne-Delbrück we installed a small solar plant. It shell scale up in the next step and will combine with a wind turbine. Goal is to improve our skills for planning projects in the future. We document how to build up and which material is needed. The components of our pilot plant will probable used in a planed project in Nepal. Additional we develop a data logger and remote servicing tool by our own.


Schematische Darstellung des Zielausbaus der Pilotanlage Testweise Windturbinenaufstellung Besprechung zum eMonitor für die Pilotanlage ActionFotos bei der Installation von Pilotanlagen-Komponenten

Project Leader

Sebastian Rijkers

Regional Groups

  • Cologne

Project members

Wolfgang Nentwig
Nils Roßbach
Sebastian Rijkers
Roland Schneider
Nils Cryns
Karsten Bomberg
Isabelle Uebach
Ezzakr Mahmouh
Jan Feldges
Michael Wiedmann
Sebastian Löchle

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