Water supply for nursary school in Bayangam, Cameroon

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Bayangam is located in Western Cameroon and thus in the tropical climate zone. There is a dry season from November to February and a rainy season from March to October. There are several hand wells in the village, but they are not drilled deep enough and therefore do not provide water during the dry season. In a project of the Rhine-Main Regional Group in 2021, the existing well of the technical high school was regenerated and the water output optimized. In this project we want to realize a year-round functioning water supply also for the adjacent kindergarten by extending the existing system with pipes as well as a separate tank for the kindergarten. This will improve the situation there considerably, as up to now there has been no water available. The existing water point at the technical high school will also be expanded.


The Bayangam Regional Group, founded in 2021 in Bayangam, Cameroon, has completed its first project of its own. A water pipeline was laid from an existing well to the primary school and kindergarten in Bayangam. Trenches had to be dug over a length of 500 metres and a 2000 litre tank installed on the grounds of the kindergarten, as well as another tank on the grounds of the primary school.  A 5-metre-high wooden structure was erected on the kindergarten grounds to safely place the 2000-litre water tank. In the kindergarten, a water tap and a sink were installed in each classroom. The outdoor toilets also have a water connection and a wash basin to enable the children to strictly observe hygiene measures. In the primary school, a water tap has been installed in front of a classroom so that the 250 pupils will have access to clean water every day. Another aspect is the renovation of the kindergarten's internal classrooms to improve conditions for the children. The work is nearing completion. As a small side project, vegetable beds have been planted on the grounds of the kindergarten. The idea behind this project is to foster a sense of responsibility and practical skills in the children. By taking care of the small vegetable garden, the children also have the opportunity to do activities together. The first harvest is planned for the month of March.


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November 2022 - December 2022

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