12th March – Coronation and Wedding

Bricks were laid, steel cut and welded, plans made – all for this special day.

We started of by visiting the local stupa to view the mountains and take in the fresh mountain air. We then carried down the top frame to the construction site and our welders brought refractory cement. First up today: Coronation. Fixing the crown on top of our inner wall, giving it a stable casing and preparing it for the wedding.

For all non-engineers: the wedding, is a technical german term for connecting the body of a car with the drivetrain for the first time. In our example we connect the burning chamber with the metal components to run the incineration.

After Dhal Bhat for lunch we spend the rest of the day till sunset, placing metal, making adjustments, fitting everything to our brick case. Our trio stayed till sunset plastering the walls of the waste yard, painting the metal parts with anti-corrosive paint and welding fixations of the chimney.

Tomorrow is the last planned work day. Our tasks include placing the sheet metal roof, plastering the outside of our building, building a grate and making improvements to our cleaning hatch. Oh, and building a door.

With industrious regards from Bolde,

Arne and Henning