Final Report CMR_07 Well regnereation in Bayangam

Project part #1: Regeneration of the well

At the technical high school in Bayangam, a 20 m deep well was regenerated with an electric pump. The cleaning agent “Wessoclean” was used for this purpose. The cleaning agent was dissolved in water, filled into the well and pumped around for an exposure time of about two days. This loosened deposits in the well’s filter pipe. The water was then pumped out until it was clear. The difference in the turbidity of the water alone was remarkable. A water analysis was also carried out using a test kit, which showed that the water did not contain any questionable amounts of heavy metals or alkali metals. The students were involved in the regeneration as part of a training session. In addition to the regeneration of the well, the pipe to the tank was also renewed so that the water quality would not be endangered by biofilms or other impurities in the pipe. The pipe was now laid underground to prevent it from heating up in the sun. The tank was flushed out and the existing well house cleaned and the windows replaced to better protect the well from outside contamination in the future. A new water point was also built, which is now tiled and provides two taps for the children. Before, there was only one tap and a barrel underneath, in which the water sometimes stood for longer and was also mixed with rainwater. With the new system, this is avoided. The existing pump will continue to be used, but a new pump is ready as a replacement. A new control system was installed to switch the pump on and off automatically depending on the level in the water tank. A dry-running sensor protects the pump when the water level in the well drops. Thus, after our regeneration, the well automatically supplies clean water that can be used by all students.

Project part #2: Solar system to bridge power outages

Since the power grid in Bayangam is unstable, a small solar system was installed to power the electric pump during power outages. The system consists of three solar panels, a corresponding inverter and a battery storage. First, the roof of the well house had to be renewed, as the statics were not sufficient to support the solar system. As a result, the project took a little longer than planned. The solar system was installed in cooperation with a local contractor who had already supported another TeoG project in the region. After the roof was replaced, the system was installed and connected to the pump. Mains electricity is still used, but in case of breakdowns, water can now still be pumped for the students.

Project part #3: Establishment of a regional group in Bayangam

In addition to the actual project work, a TeoG regional group consisting of students, teachers, staff of the local university and other interested people was founded at the technical high school in Bayangam. Bienvenue, Bayangam! A first project leader workshop was held and the students have already designed and installed waste bins for the school grounds as a first small project. In addition, posters on the water cycle and water-related diseases have already been put up at the school. The first new project ideas are already being developed. We are looking forward to a good cooperation in Cameroon!