Get to know the team – Torben Fischer


My Name is Torben and I am a team leader for the Recycle Up! Ghana Summer Camp 2015 on KNUST campus in Kumasi. Being one of the initiators of the project, I am very pleased and proud of our team to have organized two summer camps!

Besides Recycling Up! Ghana, I am currently working on my PhD in Economics in Germany. Broadly speaking, I am interested in how we can help people to improve their living conditions through providing them with essential services that help them to better themselves.

My interest in Ghana and Ghana’s (plastic) pollution problem derives from my time as a high school student when we organized events that helped to re-build schools and hospitals in Ghana. In 2013, I talked to Sr. Edgitha who was the main organizer of these events and spend more than fifteen years in Ghana working as doctor in a small hospital in Bato. During our discussion, we identified the plastic waste problem as a big problem that might threaten a peaceful co-existence of the Ghanaian society with Mother Nature.

In cooperation with the regional group of Technology without Borders e.V. we further developed the idea of educating future agents of change and make them aware about the challenges plastic waste pollution poses to their society. What I like about Recycle Up! Ghana is that we encourage young and bright minds to come together and develop their own ideas of how to best address this problem in their community.

I am looking forward to long discussions, interesting brain-storming sessions and fascinating ideas in this year’s episode!

Let’s Recycle Up! Ghana

Text: Florian Erbesdobler