13th & 14th March – First Light

Finish Spurt – Direct translation from german meaning the last effort just before reaching the finish line

The last two days have been exactly that. We constructed the last metal parts, build a door for the waste yard, raised the chimney to its full height, set most of the sheet metal and sealed the gap between chimeny and roof. This is the most critical part in terms of rust. Sealing a pipe that goes through about 250°C temperature range is a tricky thing that has found few satisfying solutioins so far. Today it took us about two hours of frustration until we found a solution with the available materials that seals to a high level while staying flexible enough to withstand the dialation.

After all was set and done we gathered our workers and the hospital staff for the first training session. As with any machine the outcome depends on the user. We went over the training material carefully, stressing the most important aspects and giving time for translation. When everyone was quivering with excitement and really really understood that the waste chamber should be 2/3 full at all times we set fire to a proxy charge. Kindling, Wood, Paper, Plastic bottles – combustible simulations. We burned about one hour at low temperatures to give any remaining water time to evaporate.

Tomorrow we will do a realistic training with acctual hospital waste – Things are heating up 😉

With fiery regards from Bolde,

Arne and Henning