15th & 16th March – Training and Handover

It’s all yours now!
This sentence could finally be said today in a small ceremony at the incineration site here in Bolde.

Yesterday started with a small function to honorably say goodbye our workers and thank them for their outstanding work. We provided them with certificates for their gained knowledge in construction as well as specific tools that they had grown acoustomed too during our work. The bricklayer got a level, one of the welders a 90°-angle tool and one a half meter for precise markings. Dipendra and Dr. Rabindra provided traditional scarfs and red dye to complete the little garthering.
We finished up our construction by cleaning up, fixing the last two pieces of corrugated iron, carrying material up the hill, fixing the guideline and waste separation signs on the walls and fixing a anti-errosion-thingy our of broken bricks for our drain. The day concluded with our third momo party with all the staff of the hospital.

Today, we hiked to a local bhuddist monastery along flowering rhododendron trees small farms and wood works. Up in the mountains we sat next to a lama reciting bhuddist scripture and were invoted by a local for nepali milk tea. Quite the treat after three hours of walking uphill in the sun.
Shortly after our return and a little rest we gathered around the incinerator to exchange gifts, a certificate for Sukbir, our cook and burner and generally thank everyone for their kindness, cooperation and spirit. We concluded with a lively picture session and much laughter. We had a quick black tea and then it was packing time.

Our time here is drawing to a close. We are satisfied with the quality work we could deliver to this community and proud of the impact that this project will have for the people here.

With a tiny happy tear in our eyes from Bolde,

Arne and Henning

P.S.: It was an honour and privilege for me to lead this project with such an outstanding project partner. I wish him all the best and hope my mentoring has prepared him well to take on the responsibilities ahead and exemplified a path of sincerity.

– Hab immer ein büschn Wind in den Segeln, Henning – Oh, Yeah –