And suddenly there was a wall

Yesterday, everything happened in a flash. The last three layers of the inner wall of the incinerator needed only three and a half hours. Now, with German precision, the heart of the furnace is standing. And the bricklayers could get to work on the wall for the waste yard. Without any corrections on our part and back in their element, the wall was up within a day. Meanwhile, the welder also completed the work on the roof at a good pace, so that some corrugated sheet metal could already be laid. Now we hope and wait that the remaining material will soon be delivered from Kathmandu and that we will soon be able to complete the construction.
Even before the workers were at the construction site today, we made a short hike to the nearest peak from where you should have a fantastic view of the mountains and the valley. Unfortunately during our ascent clouds were moving in front of the mountains. But up on the summit the many colorful prayer flags lit up our minds again. In the coming days we will climb the mountain again with hope for better visibility.