Conclusion workshop about agroforestry systems

The last work package of our agroforestry project was fulfilled on 10.07.2021: A public workshop for smallholders and interested parties in the newly adapted multipurpose building on the premises of the organic farm Sítio Orgânico Serra e Mar in the town of Arroio do Silva in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. In advance, the event was promoted through social networks and directly through WhatsApp. Coordinator Lutz was also invited to the local TV station “W3-News” for an interview. On the day of the workshop, he and Ubaldo was also interviewed by the local media “Gazeta do Vale”. Both videos can be found on the Brazilian YouTube channel of Technology without Borders. Automatic subtitles can be activated: On Saturday morning we could welcome 25 participants. Due to the still existing Corona restrictions, we had to limit the number of participants. The audience was made up of small farmers, young agronomy and forestry students, families who distribute organic products and just people interested in organic farming. The day started with the welcome of all participants by Ubaldo, owner of Sítio Orgânico Serra e Mar, and a short presentation by Prof. Dr. Kátia Madruga and Lutz about the cooperation between the Federal University UFSC in Araranguá and Technik ohne Grenzen in Germany. This was followed by the keynote lecture on agroforestry systems by our agricultural technician in charge of the project, Gustavo Tramontin. Afterwards the group visited the demonstrative plot, where between the young trees, meanwhile many different lettuce crops are growing. In the afternoon, Carlos Salvalaggio, owner of the organic food store Sabores do Campo in the nearby town of Criciúma, gave a talk. Like Ubaldo, he is also a member of the EcoVida organic farmers’ network and spoke about marketing strategies for organic products. The last two presentations by Juliano Riciardi and Prof. Dr. Beatriz Carvalho were about permaculture and environmental education. More presentations are already planned: The next event will be about sustainable building techniques, so-called bio-construção and the principles of permaculture. In particular, future workshops will be organized with more small farmers of the EcoVida network. Due to the pandemic situation, a numerous participation of these was not possible. After the event, a survey was sent to the participants for feedback. One of the questions was, “After the workshop, do you intend to apply the knowledge of SAFs, digital marketing, and/or permaculture to your life/farm? If yes, please explain in as much detail as possible.” The responses showed that of the 25 participants, at some would like to implement their own agroforestry systems on their properties or initiate similar projects, such as community gardens. We would like to thank all the participants and supporters who made this event possible. In the following months, we will continue to accompany Ubaldo in his activities and provide news until the end of the project in October 2022. We thank the Rotary Club Nürnberger Land and the main TwB-Association in Germany for funding the project!