Not completely on our own…

Hola, it’s Paul and Luis – this time together again!

On Tuesday we will finally start and we are looking forward to visiting the villages and making the first preparations for our project. We are not completely on our own. We are accompanied by the non-profit organization Ecuador Tierra Viva (ETV). They have made it their task to improve the quality of life in particularly help-needy villages of Ecuador. This is done through the access and improvement of water, health, education, the protection and preservation of the environment as well as the preservation of ancient cultures with their archaeological, linguistic and ethnic riches. The organization is involved in the implementation of humanitarian aid projects that provide social assistance in Ecuador.

ETV is a very helpful contact person on site, whom we can always turn to. First of all, the members in Ecuador know their way around better so that we can find our way there. They can give us information about the villages to which we do not have access and provide us with important contacts, e.g. to local governments. In addition, the organisation will support us in the long-term preservation of the project, as they will be able to supervise what is happening locally.

We are very happy about this cooperation, which brings us a big step forward in our project and is also great fun. After all, we also need support in order to be able to help.

We will get back to you before we set off.
Until then, do it well. Your Paul and Luis!