Happy Deepawali!

On Sunday, the 5-day festival of lights (Deepawali) started in Nepal. Since all technicians are on holiday, we used this to do a 2 day trip to Kathmandu and let the festival atmosphere act on us. In front of every door we could admire the Rangoli-Art surrounded by small oil lamps.

Kathmandu is a world on its own. The smog hangs between the streets on which taxis and motorcycles pass crowds of people and rickshaw drivers. We visited among other things the largest stupa in the world (Boudnath), as well as Kathmandu Durbar Square and the Swayambhu Stupa, from which we had a great view of all of Kathmandu. A 10 minute taxi ride away from the tourist district of Thamel, you are already in the third largest city in Nepal, Patan, the twin city of Kathmandu. Here, you can walk around old Hindu temples and busy alleys. In the afternoon we strolled through the market of Asan Tole past stalls with various spices and in Thamel we went shopping for nice souvenirs.

Now it’s time to go back to Dhulikhel again. See you soon!