Last days at DHOS and project completion

The time here flew by! On Monday we returned from our trip to the outreach clinics and so it was time for the final spurt at Dhulikhel Hospital. After taking inventory on Tuesday morning, we were able to have some very productive conversations with Sanil, the Mechanical Engineer. He took us around the hospital grounds for this to clarify possible new workshop plans, which ended up with us at the opening of the new laundry. Faster than we could look, we were handed flower necklaces and traditional welcome scarves and were suddenly part of a traditional ceremony. Although we felt a bit out of place, it was once again a great insight into local traditions that we would not want to miss. After another 2 busy days we inventoried the last equipment in the Dental Clinic on Thursday and can now proudly say that we have inventoried a total of over 1700 medical devices in the last 3 weeks together with the technicians. Then on Friday we presented the TeoG Swift app and web interface to the medical staff in the Morning Conference, which received only positive feedback. At noon we went to our meeting with Dr. Ram, the Administrative Director, to talk about possible system changes in Maintenance. We had a good feeling to have really made a difference with Dr. Ram.

In the evening we had a Momo party in the guesthouse together with the technicians and the other international guests. There was a great atmosphere, people danced to traditional Nepalese music and it was a great, early conclusion of our project.

On Saturday evening we met with our longtime cooperation partners of GRVD at Dhulikhel Lodge Resort for dinner to talk about the results of our project and the meetings of the last days.

Unfortunately, we were both not feeling well, so we spent the last full day of our project in bed.

With this we now end our reports, because we are leaving Dhulikhel on Monday for Kathmandu and further private trips. At this point, we would like to thank Julian again, who supported us with the app at every conceivable hour.
We are very satisfied with everything we have achieved here and hope that a good basis for motivation and cooperation has been created for all further projects.

Thank you so much for following along with our experiences and adventures!