Mission Accomplished

It’s already over: our time here in Berekum. Exciting and successful, but also exhausting one and a half weeks are behind us. We used the last two days of the project to conduct final app tests in order to fix any bugs before we left. All devices are now inventoried and the “Preventive Maintenance” function is already being diligently integrated into our work. At the end of our app introduction, we had a long feedback discussion with all the technicians regarding further wishes and functions for the app. We also came up with the idea of making a small image film for the app, in which the Ghanaian technicians explain the advantages of the app and thus convince other hospitals of this system. So we shoot a few small video snippets, which we can then turn into a small film at home. Thanks again at this point for the great idea, dear Albert 😉 .

To make all the work even easier for the technicians, we have scheduled a training session for the coordinators of each hospital department for the last day of the project. Unfortunately, we only learn the day before that there is actually no Internet at all at the stationary PCs of the departments. So we have to think of a solution on short notice how to connect the medical staff to the reporting system, because without internet they have no access to the website created for this purpose. Since it will take a bit of time to convert the desktop website to a mobile website that can then be used on cell phones via mobile data, we are initially resorting to a manual system. However, it is always important that the inventory number of the respective barcode sticker on the device is noted for the problem report. We then explained this and also the general functioning of the app to the medical coordinators. Once the mobile site will be functional, Courage (Clinial Engineer Manager of HFH) will give another training. We will send him instructional material and trust that we will have a good collaboration with which we can then launch the website remotely. This will ensure that the complete flow of information regarding the technical equipment in the clinic will run digitally via the TeoG Swift app, hopefully making the daily work routine much easier for the Maintenance Department and also for the medical staff.

Our last day in Berekum is approaching and our packed backpacks are already ready. First, the final meeting with Sister Reena (Hospital Administrator) takes place. Here we discuss our project, how it will continue after our departure and which topics could include future cooperation. After a few formal farewell photos, we now also say goodbye to our technicians. We enjoy our last cum-cum ride in Berekum, pick up our luggage and leave for Sunyani. It was a great time here with you guys, take care and keep it up! 🙂


Text: Katharina Mai