“TewB? What’s that?“

Hola, it’s Paul and Luis again!

Since the foundation of TewB Aachen in July 2017 we have been hearing the question: TewB? What’s that? So that you can get to know us better, we are giving you a little insight into our work today.
In addition to the two of us, there are about 19 members active in our regional group, who are driving our project forward step by step every week. Some of us are working on the technical possibilities to build up a water supply. What is the water quality like in the villages? What does it have to be like? What technology is most suitable? In order to answer these and other questions, we contact organisations in Germany and Ecuador that support us with their knowledge. After all, we are not experts either and it is great to help each other to make the world a little more beautiful.
So that we can implement our project, we also need financial means. Therefore, one of our subgroups is responsible for fundraising. In order to share our progress with you and to draw new people’s attention to us, we regularly organize various events. This includes concerts, information evenings and other public events that you probably know.
However, there are also many other tasks that we all work on. We are currently working on self-help measures, for example, so that the village communities can maintain the project independently in the long term.

After two years of preparation – as you know – our first trip to Ecuador is finally on the agenda. A lot of work has gone into the project, but the fact that we are here now is not only due to us. Without the support of many great people this would not have been possible. That is why we would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much:
40Miles, Alleys & Instruments, Arcadia Band, Blutspendedienst Uniklinik RWTH Aachen, Chris Abuelo, Die Bar Cantona, Grooveboxx, High Rise, Jai Dor, Kalle vom Hochschulradio Aachen, Kittle, KingzCorner, Korbi Mehlstäubl, Marc Backhaus, Max Trojan, Pinu’u and Solo.
Each of you has helped us to get closer to our goal. Many, many thanks for that!

See you next time,

Your Paul and Luis