The project is done and Corona calls us home

The last days have been very long and a lot has happened. From Tuesday to Thursday the construction went into the final phase and now we look a little bit proud of the finished work. The motivated welders arrived at half past seven and by 6 o’clock as it got dark, they adjusted one part after the other to the incinerator. Despite numerous setbacks due to power failures, a broken welding machine and after more than 40 used grinding discs, we were able to put up the chimney on Thursday at 9 am with the help of all hospital staff. After the roof and a few small things the first fire in the incinerator was burning. Happy that everything worked and it was a great spectacle for all of the hospital staff, we explained to them how to work the incinerator, how to operate and maintain it.
We went with the cook to buy spices and lentils and he taught us how to cook Dal Bhat. Afterwards we had a wonderful last evening with snacks, local wine and a super tasty meal, a wonderful last evening with everybody. Here we want to thank again for the great hospitality of the whole hospital staff.
Fearing how the situation in Germany would develop further, we accepted the generous offer of the GRVD and took the bus to Kathmandu on Friday morning to return early on Saturday. Imagine a subway at rush hour. Now it gets caught in a storm at sea and at the same time runs the serpentines of the Alps, just like the last part of a skiing holiday. After 5h hours we finally made it and are slightly wobbly on our feet in the touri quarter of the main town. Whether Trecker or Chiller, for both kinds of tourists the Nepalese are prepared here. After delicious momos (a kind of steamed noodles) and the last Dal Bhat we leave Nepal happy about the completed project, grateful for all the exciting new impressions and a little worried about what to expect in Germany.