We are reaching our goal!

After many months of planning, developing and preparing, we are ready to implement the next part of our project. The main objective is to guarantee a clean water access to the villagers of El Cascajal in the rural region of the province of Esmeraldas in Ecuador.
  • Concepts and calculations have been made for the construction of a collector basin from a fresh water well near the village. Water supply will be ensured by a piping system with an integrated water treatment unit. A central distribution system enables people in El Cascajal easy access to this fresh water.
  • Educational and technical training programs for everyone in the village were created in order to support the technical implementation. Interactive workshops and educational units strengthen the knowledge transfer. The sustainability of the project strongly depends on further education of the people of El Cascajal.
  • Important financial and logistical support from our partners was needed to accomplish this tremendous task. The “apoBank Stiftung”, as well as the “Wilo Foundation” funded great part of this Project. We also received support from the city of Aachen for our engagement. The whole development of the project was possible by the cooperation with “Tierra Viva” in Ecuador.
  • As the world is facing the outbreak of COVID-19, it is imperative to act responsively, avoiding the risk of contagion of project members, as well as spreading the disease in other countries. Therefore, all project activities were suspended till further notice.
  • Currently we are finishing up the last details for the actual implementation of the project, which was provisionally postponed for October later this year. In the meantime, we decided to look for a possible expansion of the current water project in the same region in Ecuador.
  • We hope that the global situation improves, and we are able to help the village of El Cascajal with its much needed water supply system.