Work in Progress

It’s been a few days since we last reported here. This is mainly because we were in bed for 2 days with Travelers Diarrhea. On Friday we could at least already start the inventory of the devices in the Swift App. At this point, one half of the German team was already sick. Thanks to the good cooperation of the technicians, however, I still managed 70 devices. After this good start, I unfortunately had to go to the doctor in the evening as well. Accordingly, our weekend was very unspectacular and I would like to skip all further details at this point.

Monday was National Holiday. Since the 6th of March (Ghana’s Independence Day) was on a Sunday this year, the holiday was simply made up on Monday. Sure, otherwise one wouldn’t have anything of it. Our opinion: this could be introduced in Germany as well 🙂 . So we were able to have another quiet day, regain our energy and do some oragnisational things on the laptop. In the afternoon we walked a little round through our neighborhood.

Today we could finally get back to work. We split into two groups and walked through the different departments until lunch break, taking inventory of the equipment that was there. During lunch back in the workshop, however, we unfortunately discovered that the app once again didn’t quite want to work the way we did. That’s why we sent the technicians out on their own with working phones to complete the missing departments. In the meantime, Luise and I went back to the departments we had already worked on to fix a few problems. A thousand thanks at this point to our ever-reliable phone joker Julian, who does his best behind the scenes to ensure that we can fix any problem that arises as quickly as possible. So, by the end of our workday today, we were able to digitize almost the entire inventory of the clinical equipment. After a final round of discussion with all the technicians regarding our project goals already achieved and tasks still to be accomplished, we went home for the evening.

Despite illness, we are very satisfied with the current status of our work and especially with the motivation and cooperation of the technicians here in Berekum. See you soon! 🙂