10th & 11th March – Eight Hours of Work and a leaning towards precision

The last two days have been full eight to nine hour work days filled with new parts, modified designs and varying degrees of needed precision. The last one gave us a suprise though. After taking extreme care while welding the top frame our approach was to slightly lower the quality standard again for most parts as it is sufficient. Our welders would have none of it and continued with sharp eyes and quick levels and right angles to check every cut, line, weld and grind to be right and precise the first time. We are happy with the results and the work ethics that saves much correcting and exhorting. Their diligence is impressive while a bit time consuming – better then the other way around, we think and concede.

Work has none the less been quite quick. The waste yard only needs a door, all parts regarding the top of the incinerator and the chimney lay waiting. Tomorrow the first parts will be mounted and construction of the others will resume.

Hard working regards form Bolde,

Arne and Henning